Vision to reality. A beautiful basement is not out of reach.


Vision to reality. A beautiful bathroom is not out of reach.


Vision to reality. Beautiful custom pieces to fit your world.

Floors & Stairs

Vision to reality. Immaculate floors and soaring staircases.


Vision to reality. Inviting spaces for culinary creation.

TNC Construction brings vision to reality. We function as members of your team, striving to deliver your goals, and adapting them as our own. The TNC Construction team has an energy, creativity and flexibility that drives the success of your projects.

TNC Construction is focused and dedicated to total project delivery. No two projects are identical, and every assignment we take on we provide a customized solution to your specific needs.

TNC Construction offers a wide range of services for design and construction, which allows our company to take projects from design right through to project completion.

Serving the
Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

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